PWM Using NE 555 (PCB with EAGLE. College Paper in French TEC 585)

The PIC Programmer project is out the window (for now), as I was busy with many things (college related, mainly).

The main reason I wanted to do a PIC programmer was to make som PCBs, and to get to program a PIC. The teacher told me that there is everything I need (including parts, programmers and chemicals (reactives) to do that..).

So I’m taking care of college stuff, doing something I wanted to do, for free.

For those of you who don’t know me, people around the world should celebrate the fact I attend classes this year, with kumbayas and all the stuff.

The TEC 585 teacher (A class with boards, circuits, practical stuff as a main focus.. PIC programming, etc..) gave us a circuit which got no indication (parts values, or names, etc…).

So I had to “figure it out” so to speak..

The circuit is to be transformed into a PCB in the Lab, as a “learning by doing” thing, a month or so from now, with the teacher showing us all the stuff, a month or so from now (Things move really slow)

Meanwhile, I did the layout on EAGLE. I’m not very good at it, but it’s respectable. I issued a paper which can be found here:

It shows the different steps of the board, ripping routes, and creating ground planes, copper pours, etc…

It’s in french, though, as we don’t study in english at the university.

TP1 TEC 585   Ingénieur Instrumentation (électronique)



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