D-Link DSL 2640U H/W: T1 F/W: ME_1.00

I have searched for that firmware EVERYWHERE.. The last place you want to look at is paradoxically on the D-Link websites. They are often down, if you’re lucky they’re slow.

They don’t have the firmware for that particular one (T1) easily reachable. They have all the rest, but not that one.

So, being in the habit of voiding the warranty of my electronic devices, doing tear-downs to tinker a bit .. I learned few things.

If you are like me looking for the firmware for THAT particular model, do a Google search with the following terms “gaw5.6t02-4-dl-r1b010”

Or if you are on the lazy side of the spectrum (Again, this is a D-Link website which should read “More often down than up”):


EDIT: Having lost he firmware file, I wanted to download it again from the link I provided. Without success. D-Link website :) .. So I tried again, and again different days and hours. Until I succeeded.

Here is a Mediafire link: http://www.mediafire.com/?931zf4bsd2vlq5m

By the way .. “gaw5.6t02-4-dl-r1b010” is something I have found in a sticker on the PCB.

I have also searched for all the parts that could be searched (Broadcom, especially).. And I have found a little shy serial port (4 pins) marked J3. It seems it’s a 3.3 volts that needs to be shifted in order to talk with a computer.

Here’s a post on Electro-Tech-Online