About The Blog

As much as I don’t like the word “blog”, this was the only way that I’ve found to get the thing about the Page appear before the thing about Me.
This is a technology page. It is a page of which the purpose is to guide and empower people who strive to become Instrumentation & Control Engineers, and who are clueless right now (Like Me). It is a sort of  logbook where I will write as I learn new things, that you might or might not know yet.
Topics discussed here include but are not limited to:

– SCADA, HMI, uControllers, PLCs, DCS, Sensors, methods..

– Vendors: Siemens, Schneider, Omron, Allen Bradley, ABB, General Electric, Yokogawa..

– Software used: Labview, Matlab, Multisim, WinCC, Step 7, LOGO

– Fields of application: Oil, Pharmaceutical..

– Documentation..

It should be obvious too that this will start, and will stay an English speaking page.

If you ever feel like posting a reply or a question, please keep in mind not to use SMS language or your local language. I would be grateful if you would wite in propper English.

Acronyms that can be used are are field-related. “4 u” isn’t an acronym, SCADA, PLC, uController, HMI are.

It would be nice to define an acronym before using it in a text, for memo. Someone stumbling on your post could learn something.

For memo:

SCADA: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

PLC: Programmable Logic Controller

uController: Micro-controller

HMI: Human-Machine Interface.

If you are explaining something, try to make it as simple as possible. Be aware that what you write will be online for other people who might get an “aha” moment thanks to you.

I hope you wil find useful content here, and maybe you can contribute too.

Jugurtha Hadjar


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