Ubuntu: Read Only File System Error

I had this error which made it impossible for me to do anything:

I tried to change the “fstab” file, but I couldn’t, because I had this error.

sudo didn’t work, because I had this error.

I couldn’t use “make” to compile code I’m writing.

I tried booting in recovery mode, and chosing “drop root” .. But I had this error.


When you turn your computer on, in the “grub” menu .. Chose “Previous Linux versions”.. Then chose the oldest one in recovery mode…

So for example, you’d find something like this:

Release 3.0.0-16
Release 3.0.0-16 recovery mode
Release 3.0.0-12
Release 3.0.0-12 recovery mode.

Chose the last one, Release 3.0.0-12 recovery mode

Then chose “Drop root” .. Then use the following command:

fsck -As

And chose yes to everything.

After it’s done, reboot normally. Perform an update:

sudo apt-get update

Perform an upgrade:

sudo apt-get upgrade

You’re done.

By the way, Ubuntu 12.04 has just came out a couple of days ago. It’s an LTS version (Long Term Support).


Change Boot Order & Disable Boot Disk Check on Ubuntu

Here’s a quick post.

I have a dual boot machine (Ubuntu 11.10 & XP SP3) .

How to change the default system which the machine boots on ?

When you’re on Ubuntu, Ctrl+Alt+T   (Open the Terminal)

Type the following:

sudo pico /etc/default/grub

You will be prompted for your password, enter it and hit Return.

You find a line called GRUB_DEFAULT=

And there’s a number after that. Change that number and you’ll change which system will boot.

For example, on the Grub boot manager, I have Ubuntu in the first position (0) and Windows XP on the 6th position (5) ..

In my case, this line is GRUB_DEFAULT=0 and Ubuntu boots up.

I don’t want the menu to be displayed for too long, so I have GRUB_TIMEOUT=1 .. This waits only 1 second before it boots.

After you change, you hit Ctrl+X to Exit.

It asks you if you want to save, press Y.

And then press Return/Enter.

Then this command:

sudo update-grub

You’re done.

Now for the disk check: This annoyed me, a lot .. So a little visit to fstab.

Look for a line like this

UUID=0de1480d-1b57-4dd3-9457-4cf899ef6817 / ext2 errors=remount-ro 0 0

The last 0 of the line means it won’t launch the disk check, this was set to 1 and I changed it to skip the test.

Do the same as for the grub (Ctrl+X, Y, Enter) and no need for updating it. On reboot, it won’t check your disk.

That’s it.